How to cure a sore throat for singers? Remedy for Sore Throat for Singers

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Remedy for Sore Throat for Singers: 

A Sore throat is a painful experience. When you have a sore throat normal talking by itself becomes a difficult task. Imagine singing with a sore throat, it is more dreadful. If unattended it can badly affect their performance. This perhaps can lead to various substantial effects not just physically but mentally too.

Singing with a sore throat has a higher chance of damaging the vocal cord. For this reason, professional singers have been trained on how to cure sore throat overnight and avoid performing with a sore throat by using Natural remedies without any side effects

We have read that “Opera singer Jennifer Holloway’s frequent remedy starts with a whole nodule of ginger to soothe and comfort her throat,  profoundly, Ginger is one of the star ingredients in Gargle-EZ- Remedy for Sore Throat for Singers”

This article throws light on some reliable and quick Remedy for Sore Throat for Singers and how they can speed up the process of healing.


  • Breath support

When singing loud and long, proper breath support is needed to avoid abusing the voice. Much likely, deliberate or measure the amount of air needed for each phrase. At the time of releasing air as you sing, hold back (suspend) and don’t allow all the air to gush at once, by doing this voice can be protected

  •  Dryness remedy

 Most throat irritation is caused by dryness in the throat. The dryness can lead to cause coughing. This can be skipped by drinking plenty of room-temperature water to keep the vocal cords hydrated. You may also try drinking warm lemon tea, with a small amount of honey before singing. This is better than anything on the market, which really does nothing anyhow. We also recommend using GARGLE-EZ, pharmacist formulated, and all 100% natural ingredients, Gargle-EZ is really easy to carry to your live performance any time and anywhere.

  • Humidifiers:

Humidifiers are of great help to cure sore throat. While Sleeping a humidifier by side will certainly add moisture to the air to reduce dryness which irritates the nose & throat. They keep the nasal passage and throat moist to make the healing process faster. This is highly important for those who sleep with the mouth open, which dries out the throat. Moisture will prevent viruses and bacteria away as they don’t travel in moist air. It keeps the sinus open which helps drain the mucus faster.

  • No, ice and cold drink

Avoid drinks such as ice-cold water, juice, or soda within three to four hours before singing. These Cold temperatures restrict the vocal bands, which act as obstructors to the vibrations needed to produce sound.


Most singers will get to know when a slight irritation is going to turn into a sore throat.  As said “prevention is better than cure” Gargle -EZ is the all-time best First Aid Formula for your throat problems, Gargle -EZ prevents and subsides your throat problem from aggravating further

We have formulated the best remedy for sore throat – Gargle-EZ. Gargle-EZ is an ancient tried and tested mother’s recipe for instant sore throat relief. It’s a boon for all singers and voice-over artists who use their vocal skills. It is made of 100% natural ingredients which are proven remedies for sore throat for many years. It is the best OTC medicine for sore throat. It is very useful for singers and other artists as it comes in a small sachet which can be used anytime and anywhere.

It has no side effects and gives instant sore throat relief.

Along with these quick Remedy for Sore Throat for Singers, singers can keep sipping warm water and keep themselves hydrated to stay away from sore throat.

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