Gargle-EZ 6 pack | Best Child Sore Throat Remedy

Use best child sore throat remedy which is fast-acting and effective GARGLE-EZ to ease your throat coat, fight tough mucus and vocal support.

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Gargle-EZ 20 Pack | Natural Remedy for sore throat and cough

8 carefully picked natural ingredients to soothe your throat effectively and conveniently without a prescription.

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Gargle-EZ – 6 Pack

  • Washes away strep throat causing bacteria
  • Reduces chances of Upper Respiratory Tract infection (URTI) and in turn Lower Respiratory tract infection (LRTI)
  • Soothes Oral thrush
  • Relief from dry and itchy throat
  • Loosens bacteria containing mucus and may reduce the chances of infection
  • Use this product at the first sign of sore throat for quick relief from symptoms
  • Useful to have in your first aid kit and travel kit for ease of use


Native Americans have used the herb and root of the Echinacea plant to treat infections for more than 400 years. And Gargle-EZ Also made by these herbs and root. Its a best child sore throat remedy.


Himalayan salt
Honey crystals
Lemon extract crystals
Ginger Root Crystals
Holy basil (Tulsi) extract
Echinacea extract
Peppermint oil