Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from GARGLE-EZ?

GARGLE-EZ is a sore throat remedy natural and it can be used by anyone 11 years and older. It may benefit you to prevent sore throat or mucus issues in the throat. It may also benefit an individual that is starting to have throat issues like sore throat and mucus build-up from postnasal drip, cold, allergies, or cough. GARGLE-EZ may also help people that need vocal support. Gargle EZ may help fight Halitosis (Bad breath).

When can we use Gargle-EZ?

For best results start gargling at the first sign of sore throat. Treat this product as your first aid for sore throat. Recommended gargling when you wake up, before bedtime, and before a meal.

Do I need to use GARGLE-EZ on a regular basis?

You can use GARGLE-EZ on a regular basis to prevent throat as long as you don’t swallow the solution in large quantities every day. Its a sore throat remedy natural with no side effects.

Is there a side effect?

As GARGLE-EZ is sore throat remedy natural with no preservatives, there is no side effect expected.

What are the ingredients?

Himalayan salt, Turmeric, Honey crystals, Lemon, Ginger, Holy basil (Tulsi), Echinacea, Natural peppermint flavor.

Is GARGLE-EZ suitable for children?

GARGLE-EZ can be used by anyone 11 years and older. For children 6 to 11 who can safely gargle talk to your doctor.

Is it harmful if some of the solutions are swallowed?

Avoid swallowing the solution in large quantities. But not harmful if swallowed.

Is there research to back up these claims?

Yes, GARGLE-EZ is independently Lab Tested in the USA to prove it rinses away Strep throat causing bacteria.

Is there an allergic response to GARGLE-EZ?

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned on the GARGLE-EZ package, do not use it. If not, it is a safe and sore throat remedy natural for throat gargle.

Where can I purchase GARGLE-EZ for my family and friends?

You can conveniently purchase GARGLE-EZ from your home online on

When is GARGLE-EZ most effective?

GARGLE-EZ is most effective in easing throat symptoms when used at the first sign of throat issues like itchiness or soreness in the throat. So keep the GARGLE-EZ sachet handy to use quickly when needed. GARGLE_EZ may also help throat issues when used on a regular basis.