Directions for Use Gargle-EZ

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Easy Steps of Gargle-EZ | Throat Gargle Solution

Step 1: Mix

Pour a sachet of Gargle-EZ into 3/4th or 180 ml cup of warm water comfortable for gargling.

Step 2: Gargle

Take a big sip in your mouth, then tilt your head backwards and throat gargle for 15-20 seconds.

Step 3: Spit

After gargling spit the solution into sink. Repeat the same steps until the solution is used up.

Advisable: Do not swallow. Use as a Mouth and Throat Gargle only. However Safe if swallowed.

Easy Access

Office Cafeteria

At work!
Get a cup of warm water at office vending machine to use Gargle-EZ .


Breakfast time!
Not sure of symptoms in the morning. Use Gargle-EZ

Hotel Room

Away from home!
Get a cup of warm water to get relieved using Gargle-EZ