Gargle- EZ | Instant Sore Throat Relief

Mahesh Gopalaiah :

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Note from the CEO
Hello, I am Mahesh Gopalaiah, co-founder & CEO of Nature’s Pharma USA. I am a registered pharmacist by profession, and I am delighted to connect with you to share my passion for good health through natural and holistic means. And present you our best gargling Listerine for sore throat Product Gargle-EZ.

I have a degree in Pharmacy and a master’s in Computer science. Upon entering the corporate world. I started working as a software engineer troubleshooting computers and treating various malicious viruses. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that computers were not for me.

My passion has always been health and healing. I quit my job as a software engineer to restart my pharmacy career. I have over 21 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing, and retail and have collaborated with top names in global retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies.

Part of my daily routine is to counsel patients and advise them on common health ailments with the intention of treating them without prescription medication. Of course, I take into their current health regimen and prescriptions to ensure a favorable outcome for my patients. Though I have trained in Allopathic medicine, I have considerable knowledge and strong faith in the benefits of natural and holistic medicine.

Nature is abundant with so many gifts and we need to know where to find and tap them. I strongly recommend proven home remedies for minor issues that can be addressed without a visit to the doctor’s office. During routine consultations, I have seen several patients with a sore throat, mucus, vocal cord issues, oral thrush, halitosis (bad breath), and phlegm build-up in the throat due to postnasal drip.

My mother had great recipes for best gargling solution for sore throat passed down through generations to provide natural symptomatic relief for the above conditions. I have been suggesting these remedies to my patients, friends, and acquaintances all these years. Some who could procure these natural ingredients and mix them in the right proportion benefited from them and were very happy with the results. But many of them could not procure the ingredients to make their home remedy for several reasons. Either they could not find the right ingredients, or they did not have the time to formulate them in the right proportions, or perhaps did not have the patience to make it.

That was my incentive to create products that derive from science, nature, my pharmacy training, and my mother’s time-tested recipes. Presenting to you Gargle-EZ, our convenient best gargling solution for sore throat product available without a prescription. It is an effective solution for all minor throat problems. Gargle-EZ was born after discovering that people were seeking an all-natural remedy for use as first aid for throat symptoms without annoying side effects. Gargle-EZ work as sore throat gargle solution , consists of carefully selected, effective, pure, and natural wholesome ingredients combined in the right proportion in a ready-to-use convenient sachet whether you are at home or on the go. Keep it in your first aid kit, as best OTC for sore throat and use it before oral renditions or use it as part of your regular health regimen for instant sore throat relief. Do the best you can for your body and your body will appreciate you!
Yours in good health.

Seema Iyer:

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Note from the COO
“In today’s modern world when people seek instant results for an ailment, the tendency is to turn to medications that are laid in with chemicals that do more harm than good in the long run. Most people have forgotten or are unaware that we do not need to look beyond mother nature for remedies. However, sourcing these precious natural resources can be time-consuming and may not be practical for everyone.
Our product GARGLE-EZ the best instant sore throat relief and it promises to make this easy for you. We bring you nature’s very own remedies tried and tested by our mothers and grandmothers for generations. Using only the finest ingredients, we strive to create natural, effective, and conveniently packaged products that suit your lifestyle.”