Gargle-EZ | Best OTC for Sore Throat

Easy to use for sore throat and cough. And also work as allergy sore throat relief.

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Gargle-EZ | Best Natural Solutions for sore throat

Echinacea – Native Americans have used the herb and root of the Echinacea plant to treat infections which is best natural solutions for sore throat for more than 400 years.

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Gargle-EZ | Solution with Cold Calm Active Ingredients

Natural and Holistic 3 in 1 superior instant sore throat relief.

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Gargle-EZ | Natural remedy for sore throat and cough

Natural symptomatic Allergy sore throat relief

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Natural Ingredients

Gargle-EZ works as the best OTC for sore throats. It is a natural remedy for sore throats and coughs. It contains 100% natural ingredients—Himalayan salt, Turmeric, Honey crystals, Lemon, Ginger, and Peppermint.

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No Side Effects

A child aged 11 years and above can use GARGLE-EZ as the best child sore throat remedy. For children 6 to 11 who can safely gargle, this can be used as the best OTC for sore throat. But talk to your doctor first. 

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Easy to Use

You can use Gargle-EZ anytime when you have a sore throat. It has no side effects as it is a natural remedy for sore throats and coughs. Please read our directions for using Gargle-EZ. It works as an instant sore throat reliever.

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Natural and Holistic 3 in 1 Superior Best OTC for sore throat

Mother’s Recipe, pharmacist formulated & perfected instant sore throat relief:

Natural and holistic 3 in 1 superior , mucus relief, and vocal support, First Aid for sore throat & mucus . .

Easy to use and instant sore throat relief from symptoms of Sore, Itchy, dry, scratchy throat, and allergy throat .

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Why Gargle-EZ ?



GARGLE-EZ can be used as your first aid for sore throat . Recommended to gargle when you wake up, before bedtime and before meal.


Easy to Carry

GARGLE-EZ sachet is handy to keep in purse or office bag. Simple dissolving and usage steps makes further more easier to carry anywhere.


Quick Relief

Gargle-EZ is the best otc for sore throat and provides instant sore throat relief.



Gargle-EZ is independently Lab Tested in the USA to prove it rinses away Strep throat-causing bacteria. It is a sore throat remedy natural with No Side Effects.


Natural Ingredients